Dusty Robotics named Innovation Awardee by Good Robot

yahoo! Finance

December 14, 2020

The criteria for our Commercialization Award is achieving $1 million in revenue, which is a huge milestone for a startup building a new invention.

Tessa Lau, Founder, and CEO of Dusty Robotics, an Innovation Awardee, said, "We're almost there. $1 million in revenue is our next goal."

Silicon Valley Robotics, the world's largest cluster of innovation in robotics, announces the inaugural 'Good Robot' Industry Awards, celebrating the robotics, automation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will help us solve global challenges. These 52 companies and individuals have all contributed to innovation that will improve the quality of our lives, whether it's weed-free pesticide-free farming, like FarmWise or Iron-Ox; supporting health workers and the elderly manage health care treatment regimes, like Catalia Health or Multiply Labs; or reimagining the logistics industry so that the transfer of physical goods becomes as efficient as the transfer of information, like Cruise, Embark, Matternet, and Zipline.