Certified VDC Partners

Dusty Robotic’s network of certified virtualdesign and construction (VDC) experts helps builders, architects, tradecontractors, and others without internal VDC teams, easily and accuratelyconvert Revit and AutoCad models into Robot-Ready drawings.  All of our certified partners are fullytrained on Dusty modeling and have extensive experience in converting a widerange of coordinated models for framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, andother field operations.

New Vision Agency

New Vision Agency takes CAD or Revit files and converts them into robot-ready drawings to give field teams the layout needed for an accurate and quick installation. They also provide constructability reviews of CDs, RFIs, SIs and Bulletins to eliminate printing issues in the field. Additional offerings include original modeling and BIM related services.

B2R (BIM 2 Reality)

BIM 2 Reality specializes in leveraging the BIM model through the process of virtual design and construction. The B2R team is comprised of members that have been in the construction industry with over 2 decades of experience in both the field and managing various projects.


Collaborative provides BIM services to Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, Trade Contractors, and Owners, including modeling for marketing purposes through project close out and facility management.

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