The Team

It takes a village to build a robot. We are excited to include in Dusty's extended family a rich network of construction professionals, as well as our investors NextGen Venture PartnersBaseline Ventures, Root Ventures, and Cantos.


Tessa Lau

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Founder/CEO. Previously CTO and Chief Robot Whisperer at Savioke, where she deployed 75+ robots  out into hotels to deliver room service to guests.


Philipp Herget

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Founder/CTO. Previously elevator integration and EE systems lead at Savioke, where he taught robots how to ride elevators.


Jerry Hsiung

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Robotics Software Engineer. Previously Master's student at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, where he focused on improving optimization methods in visual-inertial odometry (VIO).


Clemens Drews

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Full Stack Roboticist. Previously Principal Software Engineer at Savioke where he created the infrastructure necessary to keep a fleet of over 100 robots from misbehaving.


Mike Thompson

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Principal Engineer.  Mike has developed foundational technology for many well-known mobile robot products. He has co-founded several startups and is also known as the creator of Raspbian.


Peter Lee

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Senior Mechatronics Engineer. Peter combines wide-ranging expertise in physics, machining, and luthiery to develop new robot designs for Dusty.


Kristen Lee

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Chief of Staff. Kristen combines extensive operational experience with a passion for volunteer homebuilding to lead Dusty's business operations.