BIM-driven robotic layout

Robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce

Architectural and structural layout are critical path jobs that are still conducted with tools as old as the pyramids - chalk lines and tape measures. Dusty's robot automates the layout process with 1/16" accuracy.


Turning digital models into
constructible layouts

The FieldPrinter system prints full-size floorplans on the deck for builders. Construction crews build directly off the plans, reducing opportunity for manual error.

Shortened schedules

Robotic layout takes significantly less time, with higher accuracy, compared to painstaking manual layout.

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Better as-builts

Digital reports are automatically created, detailing exactly what was laid out, ensuring smoother closeout and handover.

Layout for all trades

The FieldPrinter is capable of laying out multiple trades at once. This ensures that all crews are working off of the same information and clashes are resolved sooner. Any issues can be identified and resolved earlier in the schedule.


Advanced robotic technology

FieldPrinter is an advanced robotic platform that uses cutting-edge technology to autonomously navigate the job site. Using precise control systems, it draws straight lines with 1/16" accuracy. Path planning and obstacle avoidance systems allow it to print the maximal layout near obstructions while optimizing print speed.

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See for yourself how robotic layout improves construction outcomes.

We are currently offering robotic layout services in the western US on commercial construction sites. Please contact us to discuss your upcoming project.