What you see is
what you build

Dusty FieldPrinter automates construction layout, delivering unrivaled accuracy, communication, and efficiency.

Build it once

Experience unrivaled accuracy with the Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter. The FieldPrinter automates the transfer of the digital model directly to the construction site floor with 1/16" accuracy in a fraction of the time of traditional layout.
Dusty robotics fieldprint
Controlling Dusty robot

Create a single source of truth

Enhance communication and collaboration among project stakeholders by printing layouts for all trades in a single pass, guaranteeing that everyone builds off the same data. Mitigate conflicts and reduce rework with detailed instructions, custom lines, and colors.
Field printing
Field print example

Accelerate schedules

Streamline project timelines by leveraging the FieldPrinter’s multi-trade capabilities to print all layouts on the floor simultaneously. This empowers all stakeholders to proactively identify and resolve any potential conflicts, and significantly fast-tracks the project by enabling trade partners to begin installation immediately and concurrently.
Field printing
Field printing

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Find out how the Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter can help you increase accuracy, communication, and speed on your next project.
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The FieldPrinter is currently available in the US.
Controlling a Dusty robot