Lay out up to 10x faster than traditional methods

Save schedule on every floor by leveraging robotic layout. Dusty’s FieldPrinter can autonomously print a full-scale model onto the construction surface in a fraction of the time it takes a manual layout crew with a chalk line.

Eliminate rework and spot issues sooner

The FieldPrinter prints full scale with 1/16” (1 mm) accuracy, ensuring all installed material is within tolerance. Any improperly installed penetrations also become apparent sooner in the schedule, allowing more time for corrections.

Enhance your layouts with model data

Move beyond chalk line layout. Print text labels and rich line styles, ensuring complete understanding of design intent. Remove ambiguity with door swings or equipment orientation.

Bring BIM models out into the field

Print the model in full, 1:1 scale directly on the work surface. This mitigates any conversion errors, creating a “what you see is what you get” layout result. Exactly what the owner wants.

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