What you design is what you build

Translate your design to the field. Print digital models directly on the jobsite floor with automated layout and a streamlined BIM-to-field process.

Shorten project timelines

Build more efficiently with actionable information in the field. Reduce total hours spent on layout and shorten overall construction timelines.
  • Reduce total layout time from months to days.
  • Free up layout professionals for higher-value work.
  • Print all trades’ layout at once to compress the overall schedule.
Speed section featuring a robotic device on a construction site floor with a laptop showing layout layers.

Build the right thing, every time

No project is too complex. Ensure the latest version of your model is what gets built.
  • 100% accurate layout of your design, every time.
  • Print any and all critical information.
  • Verify revisions make it to the field.
Quality section highlighting a construction site with a laptop displaying building plans.

Get everyone on the same page

Bridge the communication divide between everyone on a project. Solve problems before construction even starts.
  • Bring the exact architectural design to the field.
  • Resolve cross-trade issues earlier through multi-trade layout.
  • Reduce rework caused by poor communication.
Collaboration section showcasing a laptop screen with project files and a blueprint in the background.

"With Dusty we’re able to have everybody work together and we can see if there are issues with layout points in the CAD before we lay them out in the field."

Andrea Hernando, Senior Construction Tech Innovation Engineer at Truebeck
Andrea Hernando
Senior Construction Tech Innovation Engineer

BIM-Driven Layout: Only From Dusty Robotics

Dusty Robotics is the best solution for automated construction layout, with every capability needed on the jobsite.
10x Faster Layout
10x Faster Layout

Lay out 10,000 to 15,000 square feet per day with one person.

Accuracy, Everywhere
Accuracy, Everywhere

Get up to 1/16” accuracy at 600 DPI and print as close as 1 ¾” from any obstacle.

Native Model Coordination
Native Model Coordination

Coordinate BIM models in one place with native Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD integrations.

Your Model, Visualized
Your Model, Visualized

Print multiple trades’ layouts at once. Owners see all the layout before construction starts.

A Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter device marking precise layout lines on a construction site floor, demonstrating its capability in automating the layout process.

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The FieldPrinter is currently available in North America.
The Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter in action on a construction site floor, demonstrating its capability in marking precise layout lines.A construction worker uses a tablet to control the Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter, showing the precision and ease of use in the layout process.A Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter on a construction site, with a worker overseeing the layout process, showcasing the automation and accuracy in creating layout lines.