How to get Dusty

We offer a variety of ways to get the benefits of robotic layout, on projects ranging from small office TI's to multi-year megaprojects.

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For enterprises
Printer Subscriptions

Long-term equipment subscriptions guarantee printer availability on all your jobs.

System includes FieldPrinter, laser tracker, and tablet
Week-long training program for up to 3 members of your staff
Support, maintenance, and software/hardware updates all included
Unlimited usage for a flat monthly rate
Ideal for clients with enough projects to keep a printer busy 75% of the time
Available within the United States
Contact us for pricing and availability
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For smaller projects
Concierge Service

Dusty provides equipment rental to automate your BIM-to-field workflow.

Rental includes a supervisor who trains your staff on correct printer usage
Train up to 3 operators at once, on the job
Deploy multiple robots simultaneously to compress schedules even further
Lump sum pricing gives you predictability
Assistance preparing robot-ready CAD drawings available at additional cost
Available only in our service area (contact us for availability)
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Realize the
potential of digital construction with Dusty Robotics.

Looking to get FieldPrinter on your next project?

*Please note - FieldPrinter is only available within the
United States