About Us

Dusty develops robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce. Digital automation reduces waste in both labor and material, making the entire design-build-operate lifecycle more efficient and cost effective.

Truly Digital Construction
Our Industry

Construction touches all of our lives on a daily basis. The industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, where buildings are increasingly designed and coordinated in full 3D BIM.

However, these digital designs are typically brought out to the field by skilled labor using tape measures and chalk lines. Every manual process has the potential to introduce errors. In order to minimize risk, additional layers of quality control are introduced, along with extra budget and schedule to accommodate "rework" -- redoing parts of the project that were completed erroneously.

Why we do what we do
Our Promise

We believe that construction is at its heart a manufacturing process. The tools we create are designed to make construction more like digitized manufacturing -- increasing consistency, predictability, and reliability -- while also improving working conditions for the skilled craftspeople who are at the heart of the manufacturing process.

Our company is committed to leveling up the construction industry by creating tools that give the construction workforce super-powers.

The Team Behind The Machines
Our Team

What does it take to develop and deploy millimeter-accurate robots on live construction sites? From robust hardware and usable software to customer training and support, every Dusty team member has a notable impact on the success our customers see in the field. All Dusty products are designed, built, and serviced in-house.

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