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Our industry

As the largest industry globally, construction builds the places we live, work, and play. Despite its significance, the industry faces pressing challenges including a labor shortage, escalating costs, and stringent timelines. With robots deployed throughout the US, Dusty is changing the landscape of the industry with high impact solutions that propel growth .

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Our solution

Dusty enables the construction industry to build more with less, increasing construction efficiency while making job sites safer. Our flagship product, the FieldPrinter, automates layout with the most accurate mobile robot on the planet giving contractors the confidence that what they design is what they build.

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Our values

Dusty Robotics was born from the belief that innovation and creativity are necessary to create revolutionary change. This mindset propels us to challenge the status quo and drive the construction industry into a new era of progress and excellence.

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Dusty’s contractor-grade solutions are the tool of choice for professionals. On the job site, Dusty looks and acts professional. In the office, we treat each other with respect.


Our tools are used for mission-critical work on the most demanding jobs. Contractors trust Dusty to deliver. Within our team, we create a safe environment and trust each person to do their part to make us successful.


Our products are easy to use by anyone in the construction industry. We value simple engineering designs that are easy to understand, build, and maintain. We communicate with each other using plain, clear language.


Our products are fun to use and full of personality. We approach our work with a sense of lighthearted humor, without taking ourselves too seriously. We believe that creative, out-of-the-box thinking leads to better outcomes.

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