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Robots for the real world.

As a member of our team, you’ll be deeply involved in shaping a product that is already making construction safer and more productive. Your work will be out in the world in weeks rather than years. You’ll see first-hand the difference your work makes to our customers. And you’ll learn about robotics, hardware and software engineering, and the customer experience alongside an engaged group of people with a wide variety of skills and experiences.


Quality and precision.

High-precision state estimation and control. Navigation in tight spaces. Productivity optimization. Manufacturing and shipping. Workplace safety.


A real-world robot powered by complex software offers compelling engineering problems to work on. If you enjoy solving fundamental challenges in hardware and software, and you like to build solid architectural foundations to support feature development and reliability, then you'll find Dusty a rewarding place to work.


We believe that the strongest teams are composed of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who can bring a variety of perspectives to their work. We actively encourage applications from a diverse pool, including those from historically under-represented groups such as women, people of color, people who identify LGBTQ, veterans, people with disabilities, and immigrants. We also welcome applicants who don’t fit into known categories. If this is you, please reach out to us at jobs@dustyrobotics.com

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