Carpenters Union Launches Dusty Training Course

Tessa Lau
November 23, 2022

It’s a momentous time for Dusty! 

I’m standing at the NorCal Carpenters Training Center watching day one of a comprehensive course designed to teach union members how to operate the Dusty system. Not only is it incredible to see the enthusiasm on the faces of these carpenters, but this is the first time in our history that a certified trainer, who is not a Dusty employee, is teaching the setup and operation of the FieldPrinter system. The two-part training course is part of the carpenters union’s effort to attract new members and increase efficiency by introducing innovative new technologies like Dusty to its members.

My goal for Dusty is to have our robots on every single construction site in the U.S. by 2025. That means tens of thousands of people will need to be trained on how to utilize Dusty to automate the BIM-to-field workflow. To date, Dusty has trained hundreds of operators who are now running our robots on job sites across the US from Seattle to Florida. But to meet our goal, we’ll need to increase the number of trained operators more than a hundredfold. The only way we’ll get there is by leveraging partnerships, such as with the Carpenters, to level up the construction workforce and teach robot operation skills. 

I couldn’t have a better partner than the NorCal Carpenters to kick off this inaugural training session. They’ve proven to be incredibly forward-thinking and are enthusiastic adopters of new technology, which will become the new normal for carpentry work in the future.

Check out this sneak peek at the video and feature article, which will soon appear in the NorCal Carpenters Union magazine.

Robotic Layout Course Introduces Carpenters to the Next Generation in Construction

Dusty Robotics’ Technology Enables the Fastest Layout with Pinpoint Accuracy

NorCal Carpenters Training now offers a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum to train members on the setup, operation and feature options of the Dusty FieldPrinter, a robotic system that is automating and innovating field layout. Adopted by most top contractors across the U.S., Dusty’s FieldPrinter autonomously prints directly on construction site floors up to 17X faster than traditional methods with virtually no errors.

The Dusty Robotics course will enable qualified NCCT members to provide their expertise in robotic layout to help our GC and trade partners use and operate the FieldPrinter System to improve productivity and efficiency on each project. And because the FieldPrinter uses coordinated models to print multiple CAD layers in a single pass, members can also work with partners to ensure seamless communication since everyone is building off  the same info.

“Many of our members are seeing Dusty in use by more and more contractors so I knew we needed to bring the system into the training program,” says Tony Hernandez, Director of Training for NorCal Carpenters.  “We are always on the lookout for new solutions and technologies that allow us to do our job better and be a valuable resource to our partners. And that’s exactly what Dusty Robotics does.” 

With nearly 1,000 projects completed and a list of customers that include 17 of the top 25 GCs, Dusty Robotics is well on its way to becoming a standard on all construction sites. By partnering with NorCal Carpenters, Dusty and NCC members can work together to help drive the expansion and adoption of the system throughout the industry.

“The carpenters union is incredibly tech forward, with a membership that is very open to adopting new technology,” says Tessa Lau, Dusty Robotics Founder & CEO.  “Five years from now I expect every construction site in the US to be using a Dusty robot. That means we’re going to need a lot of help teaching all of the trade partners how to operate the system and get the benefits out of it.  I see the Carpenters as being at the forefront of helping us meet that demand.”

The Dusty Robotics Qualification course is a two-part curriculum that trains members on all aspects of the FieldPrinter system. The class introduces members to system components; provides instruction on importing CAD files; and trains members on set up and operation to print lines, objects, and text. The class also covers how Dusty’s system is improving productivity and efficiency on the job site by increasing layout speed and accuracy, synchronizing communication between trades, and reducing many of the physical demands of manual layout. 

“The solution Dusty provides is fantastic. One of my main goals of the training program is to make sure that we have excitement to attract and retain members, and new technology like Dusty Robotics is exactly what we need,” says Tony Hernandez.  “And now, our members are going to take what they learn here and go to the job site and say to a contractor, ‘I can help you use the Dusty FieldPrinter,’ which makes them more relevant and valuable than ever before.”

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Tessa Lau
November 23, 2022
3 min read