How Turner used the Dusty FieldPrinter to eliminate the need for rework.

In this case study published by Turner Construction, the Dusty FieldPrinter printed layout for the 20-story Natural Resources Headquarters project in Sacramento, California.  By printing multiple trades’ layout at once enabled the Turner team to complete layout processes ten times faster than traditional methods and identify and resolve issues between systems sooner.

“FieldPrinter has increased layout speed by 5X and provides 100% accuracy, eliminating the need for re-work on Turner projects.”

Jim Hull, Sr. Project Manager
Turner Construction
Turner also implemented the FieldPrinter on the New Canaan Library in Connecticut, to layout wall and soffit locations, ductwork openings, and print ceiling heights and door numbers directly onto the slab. Using the robot allowed the team to complete 42,000 sq. ft. of layout in five days with a single person.
“...once [the FieldPrinter] started working it was significantly faster, more accurate, and more efficient than a human at performing layout,”

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