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Leveraging best in class technology, the Dusty FieldPrinter is the most powerful solution to one of construction’s biggest problems.
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The FieldPrinter system requires a control point file, which signifies where in 2D space the system is operating. From there, add the model information that will be printed on the floor, either in DWG or CSV format.


The FieldPrinter is capable of printing any combination of points, text, and lines directly from a CAD file. Linework styles can be customized to display layer information such as wall types or plumbing types.
Controlling a Dusty robot


The FieldPrinter system is thoughtfully designed for the construction site - solidly built to take everything a job site can throw at it. The printer comes delivered in a customized hard case with all necessary components. The rest of the system includes a laser tracker along with a ruggedized tablet.


The software behind the solution is designed to make the life of the construction team simple. With the tablet interface, the operator has full control over the layout. After the job is complete, Dusty’s report generator provides the user with a digital report of the completed work and productivity rates.
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The FieldPrinter is currently available in North America.
The Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter in action on a construction site floor, demonstrating its capability in marking precise layout lines.A construction worker uses a tablet to control the Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter, showing the precision and ease of use in the layout process.A Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter on a construction site, with a worker overseeing the layout process, showcasing the automation and accuracy in creating layout lines.