Layout For All Trades

Print constructable layouts for all interior trades directly from the design model

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Dusty for

Lay out all framing, finish and doorways in a fraction of the time, allowing your team to start framing sooner in the schedule.

Drywall Finish
Wall Type Labels
Door Rough Openings
Radius Wall Layout
Dusty for

Lay out just hanger locations, or fully detailed mechanical systems with install heights. Dusty can print full CAD files along with hanger locations and other points, ensuring all trades stay coordinated.

Hanger Points and Labels
Wall penetrations
Full Ductwork Runs
Equipment Labels
Piping and Fire Sprinklers
Electrical Devices
Dusty for
GC’s and Owners

Lay out all trades in a single activity, just as soon as the slab is ready. Eliminate the errors caused by multiple, conflicting layouts, causing expensive rework later on. Compress schedules by having all trades’ layout done in a single pass.

All interior trades’ layout
Room Labels
Finish Schedules
Equipment Labels
Door Swings and ADA

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